Gender Stories

Reclaim: serving queer and trans youth

October 05, 2019 Alex Iantaffi Season 2 Episode 27
Gender Stories
Reclaim: serving queer and trans youth
Show Notes

Dr Alex Iantaffi moderates a live panel discussing 10 years of Reclaim, an organization devoted to to increasing access to mental health support for queer and trans youth so they might reclaim their lives from oppression in all of its forms. The panelists are: Janet Bystrom, Reclaim's Founder; Autumn Brown, Co-Host of the Podcast How to Survive the End of the World and former interim Executive Director of Reclaim; and Reclaim Alum Elizabeth Soleayst. They discuss Reclaim's history, how the organization touched their lives and the way in which their gender stories were shaped by Reclaim. If you're interested in queer and trans youth, mental health and healing justice, this episode is for you.
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